Pedder Street Collective

Blue & Grae is delighted to form one third of the unofficial union that is Pedder Street Collective. A space of mutual inspiration and creativity, Pedder Street Collective is also home to the beautiful Botanick Brisbane and Carol Russel Woodwork


The name of Pedder Street Collective was coined after the address of the space which energetically and creatively inspires all craftspersons involved. Promoting values of high-quality, care, personal fulfilment and skill throughout the space, it comes at no surprise these are each reflected in the output of each business.


Pedder Street Collective encourages locals to shop local, shop small and to shop from the inspired. 



After studying horticulture, Andrea Fitzpatrick began Botanick in 2017 at the Fox St Gardens in Albion. After this she moved to 20 Pedder St.

Gardening has always been a passion of Andrea’s and after years of creating magnificent spaces in her home and also commercially she is thrilled to be able to share Pedder St with Brisbane plant enthusiasts.

Along with gardening she has an incredible eye for interesting wares and antiques. When she is not in the nursery she can be found hunting out unique products to sell in her space.

Carol Russell

Carol Russell has been a furniture maker, restorer and teacher for the last 25 years, she has fairly recently become obsessed with carving and whittling spoons, believing they offer the perfect balance between form and function. 

Carol developed an interest in making small spoons and wooden vessels for serving food. She believes the way food is presented is extremely important. Wooden utensils give the artist a great opportunity to blend form and function. 

No matter what you make from timber, you can’t improve on a tree. She doesn’t like to see trees cut down if it’s not necessary and believes in using every last bit. Making small pieces mean she can find a use for everything. Sourcing material ethically and being mindful about waste, are elements that are fundamental to all aspects of creativity.



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